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Professional Break-in, Scope Mounting, and Sighting-in Service

When close isn't good enough...

Accuracy is dependent on many factors. Take the time to make sure that the equipment that you purchased is tuned to effect the optimum accuracy that you paid for.

The accuracy built in to your new rifle can easily be destroyed with improper breaking-in, cleaning, and scope mounting. Now the fine art of the gunsmith can come pre packaged for you with this new service. Most firearms are pretty accurate from the factory. But, too often new guns get marginalized after shooting just one box of ammo shot improperly. The new bore is rough at the microscopic level. Copper fouling fills in the microscopic pores of a rifle if not cleaned properly. If you don't have the time to follow the tedious break in period on your new rifle before you need it on that hunt of a lifetime, let us break it in for you during the sighting in process.

What you get:

  • new firearm that has been properly broken in.
  • scope that is properly mounted to allow for long range shots
  • signed and certified actual distance targets for the ammunition specific to your hunting needs
  • hard case suitable for airline travel
  • 9 boxes of ammunition with identical batch numbers (the 10th box is used to sight in the rifle)
  • laser reference target that you can use to calibrate the arm after transport
  • laser bore collimator
  • weapon air freighted to a convenient FFL

Rifles, Shotguns, and Pistols purchased at Pelcher's can be configured to ensure the highest accuracy. Pelcher's can fit scopes and rings and other accessories.

Sighting in your weapons can be done by appointment.

Stop in or call for a quote.





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